When talented players are detected at a young age, we make sure these talents receive appropriate instructions to reach his/her full potential by providing highly professional training (Technical, Tactical, Physical and Mental). The model that CSP works on is to represent as a sort of laboratory that produces sound soccer players to deliver great performance and run the game, it goes without saying that the players produced by City Soccer Pro have to be intelligent, skillful and tough individuals.


To nurture talents to be able to understand the most beautiful game and play at the highest level.

To form players who are proud to have worn the City Soccer Pro colors.

To train youth to develop sportsmanship like character on and off the field


The keys factor required for a player to be selected are his talent, his motivation and his intelligence.
The motto for our academy is “For The Game, City And Tomorrow” this create a strong identity within our various academy teams.


Players are mainly recruited through our regular try out, Clinics and Camps. A smaller number are also recruited through the scouting structure of the program.


The quality of the fields being played on is very crucial for the technical development of players in general. City Soccer Pro will partner up with professional club in the city and will be used quality fields to provide exceptional grounds for training to maximize the potential of the players.

Curriculum and age group format:
12-13 under 13
13-14 under 15
15-16 under 17
16-18 Formation to Pro!

Each age group will have a number of technical physical and tactical element to be seen and also, they will be tested every year to stay in the program.